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Irrational Games rolls out additional downloadable episodes of ‘BioShock Infinite’

In a Tuesday announcement, Boston-based game development studio Irrational Games said that it has started rolling out new downloadable episodes of its 2013 hit first-person shooter `BioShock Infinite.'

The three additional chapters which Irrational Games has unveiled for `BioShock Infinite' include `BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds'; and a two-part `BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea.' All the three new `BioShock Infinite' episodes can be purchased via a $20 `season pass.'

Bethesda announces new action-adventure game ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’

On Tuesday, Bethesda Softworks announced the return of the classic first-person shooter, the Wolfenstein series, with a new title called `Wolfenstein: The New Order.' The new game is a re-imagined and action-adventures edition of Wolfenstein; and it puts the gamers in control of an American war hero - B. J. Blazkowicz - during the period when the Nazis won World War II.

Set in the 1960s Europe, the task which `Wolfenstein: The New Order' sets before the players acting as the protagonist is to launch a counter-offensive which has been described as `impossible.'

Activision: ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies’ coming to Android platform

According to a recent press release sent out by Activision, the popular iOS spin-off shooting title - `Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies' - will soon be released for the Android platform.

About Call of Duty Zombies arriving on Android, Activision said that after a 30-day exclusivity period for Sony's Xperia smartphones and Xperia Play optimized devices - chiefly to allow the gamers benefit from the gaming pad -, the title will be launched for wider Android platforms.

Activision Blizzard “Call of Duty” version for China market

On Tuesday, bigwig US video-game publisher Activision Blizzard announced a partnership with Chinese Internet and wireless services provider Tencent Holdings Limited to bring a `Call of Duty' version for the Chinese market.

As per the Activision announcement, the popular 'Call of Duty' title will be made available as a free-to-play online game in China; with the sale of virtual goods yielding the profits for the company.

Valve announces beta release of new movie-making tool

Valve software, the creators of some of the world's most acclaimed videogame series such as Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress, has announced the beta release of their new animation tool called Source Filmmaker that allows gamers to make their own films on their home computers.

Source Filmmaker makes use of video games creator Valve's Source game engine to allow gamers to create high-end, animated films.

The developer has used the movie-making tool to produce animated promotional and in-game videos, seen in several games such as the “Portal 2,” and “Left 4 Dead 2,” and "Meet the Team".

Zynga to expand its own social games platform to reach more players

San Francisco-based social network game development form Zynga has announced that it is looking to expand its own social games platform to reach more players.

Zynga, which is well-known for social games like CityVille, FarmVille and CastleVille, said it could try to expand via social-networking platform Facebook, a separate website or via a mobile device.

The efforts will be made with a clear aim to expand its audience beyond Facebook, which has so far been Zynga's chief growth engine.

Nintendo 3DS XL

On Thursday, during the course of a Nintendo Direct video presentation, Nintendo unveiled a new version of its handheld gaming console - the 3DS XL - which will have a 90 percent bigger screen and a more powerful battery for increased gaming time.

The Nintendo 3DS XL - which will hit the Japan and Europe markets next month; and will be available in the US market on August 19 - will come packaged with a 4-gigabyte SD Card which will enable the users to store downloadable games and applications.

Nintendo confirms numerous games for Wii U

Nintendo on Tuesday tried to douse skepticism about its Wii U game console by confirming some high-powered video game titles.

During its Wii U event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California, Nintendo announced that its Wii U console would feature new games from the "Pikmin," "Super Mario Bros." and "Wii Fit" franchises.

Pikmin 3 is a long-awaited sequel to a strategy game that involves the eponymous antlike creatures. The announcement of this sequel drew strong appreciation from attendees.

Atlus gifts extra life to Demon's Souls

The Demon’s Souls online experience will not die next week as previously announced, thanks to Atlus’ decision to continue to run its North American servers for the game the foreseeable future.

Around a month ago, Atlus announced that it would shut down Demon’s Souls servers on 31st of May, 2012. But, the company has now decided to stay Demon’s Souls’ end indefinitely.

Computer Legend and Gaming Pioneer Jack Tramiel Dies at Age 83

Commodore International founder and Atari International's former CEO Jack Tramiel passed away on Sunday, at the age of 83. The computer legend and gaming pioneer was surrounded by his family members - his wife Helen, and three sons Gary, Sam, and Leonard - at the time of his passing.

Born in 1928 to a Jewish family in Poland, and sent to Auschwitz concentration camp with his family during World War II, Tramiel emigrated to the US in 1947. He joined the US Army in 1948, and later ran a typewriter repair business.

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