Drinking wine could protect your eyes

According to a new study, red wine contains an ingredient, Resveratrol, which can protect your eyesight from deterioration or from some blinding diseases.

Resveratrol is a dietary phytoalexin that contains health benefits to cure various chronic diseases.

According to researchers, resveratrol, which is found in red wine, grapes, blueberries, peanuts and other plants, has the potential to prevent and control angeogenesis (formation of damaging blood vessels) in eyesight.

The substance was believed to associated to anti ageing and cancer protection in the past.

Resverstrol is a natural compound and is found in various kinds of plants and has the ability to fight against bacterial and fungal diseases.

But, the intake of high doses of resveratrol can lead to serious side effects in patients taking certain types of medications.

Resveratrol was also found to delay the recovery of gastric ulcer in an animal study.

Resveratrol is also known as a metal chelator, high doses of resveratrol may prevent the absorption of copper or other metals.

Copper deficiency can cause muscle issues and even heart failure. Its side effects can be serious.

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