Ireland's manager facing bad days

There seems to be a running of bad days for Ireland's manager, Giovanni Trapattoni'. Even while getting the biggest win during his whole career it was totally overshadowed thanks to the kind of remarkable dispute going on between Wigan. The row is over a person, James McCarthy who is absent and has been a no-show during and from Stoke's Marc Wilson.

As for the case with McCarthy, his career and international future was jeopardized after FAI was able to get details about a scan that showed that his ankle was showing no signs of significant injury.

The reports were made by the medical department. As per the officials, the 20 year old player should have reported on duty during stroll to victory at the Aviva Stadium. Since the suggestion was made, no kind of contact was made by either the manager of the player to FAI. Later on FAI admitted that Wigan had texted to a team of Irish doctors saying that the players should be thoroughly scanned again. It was also revealed by Roberto Martinez that the medical scan had shown breaking of a ligament. It would mean rest for 3-4 weeks.

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