Foreign NHS treatment rules to be stringent

After a foreign visitor left Britain without paying anything, ministers have warned they will not tolerate abuse of the NHS by foreign. The woman is reported to be from Nigeria and had come to the UK to have her baby born in a British hospital.

The name of the woman is not known and reports state that the woman had received treatment that was worth £10,000 but without paying anything, she returned home after she delivered a baby.

According to Health Minister Simon Burns, stricter rules are what the government is aiming at by the government so that inappropriate access to free hospital treatment by foreign visitors can be prevented.

The woman is said to be from Lagos and came to Manchester as she was not confident about the standard of care in her own country and wanted to have her child in the UK.

After landing at the airport she went to Wythenshawe Hospital and told the staff that her pregnancy was complicated and wanted to get treated.

There were many who treated her and comprised two midwives, two consultant urologists, a radiology consultant, two consultant obstetricians and two anaesthetists. They assisted the woman who gave birth to a healthy baby by emergency Caesarean section last week.

She was informed that her treatment was worth £10,000 but she left the hospital without paying anything to the hospital and no details were given by her for the billing.

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