Happiness can lead to more money

Happiness, according to scientists is the secret to avoiding the fiscal cliff.

New research states that whether money can buy happiness or not but being happy can make you earn more money.

The study states that by the age of 29, there is a higher income among people who express more positive emotions as teenagers and greater life satisfaction as young adults.

There was a difference of about $2,000 with a single point when life satisfaction was measured on a 5-point scale at the age of 22 years. There was a lot of difference in earnings between the gloomiest and the happiest brackets.

Annual incomes were examined of teenagers at the ages 16, 18 and 22 and for this about 10,000 American teenagers were examined and the data was taken for federally funded Add Health survey of teenagers.

There was a 30 per cent dip in income of deeply unhappy teens' future incomes as compared to average teens while very happy teens earned 10 per cent above average.

About 3000 people were assessed for the study, who had the same parents and their socio economic status was also the same. The happier siblings, they found, still did better than their less-happy counterparts.

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