My Face My Body Awards 2012 honour dental practice

At the inaugural My Face My Body Awards held at The Landmark Hotel in London, Perfect 32, Beverley-based NHS and private dental practice, has been given an award. The award recognizes its outstanding contribution and commitment to community and charity projects.

Perfect 32 had spread awareness about oral cancer and it also did mouth cancer screening for many. The award given was The Best Community and Charity Award. An award-winning charity was being assisted by the practice called The Mouth Cancer Foundation. They were trying to develop and launch a mouth cancer accreditation scheme for dentists across the UK.

There were guests of international repute at the gathering, along with some celebrities, also some of the best dental and aesthetic practitioners in the world.

Stephen Handisides, owner of MyFaceMyBody, said, "The competition was fierce so even making the shortlist was an accomplishment. These awards were voted for by consumers - the people actually using these products and services, so they mean so much more."

He added that about 12,500 people voted for their best brand and the awards involved about 2,500 industry professionals.

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