Lack of English language gets radiographer sacked

Not knowing English properly has led to an Indian radiographer being sacked. He worked at a cancer hospital for six years.

There were several complaints about Ramani Ramaswamy made by colleagues and patients stating that he was unable to communicate.

His bosses were of the view that despite taking English lessons he could not grasp much.

There was one more complaint of Ramaswamy about to injure a patient as he had once set up a bed so badly that his supervisor had to step in to stop a patient being injured.

He also was accused of making a patient confirm his identity four times as he could not understand and a disciplinary panel found his command of English poor.

It has also been stated that he failed to tell people to empty their bladders before getting an X-ray done.

The panel's report said, "His communication skills, even after six years at the trust, were poor and he was recorded as keeping his communication with patients to a minimum and to be difficult to understand. The deficiencies identified by the panel have the potential to cause serious harm to patients."

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