Nurses have stopped caring

Ann Clwyd, an MP, stated that her husband died at a hospital due to cold and due to people who did not care at all.

She said that her husband was admitted in a ward at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and when she came to see her husband Owen Roberts, she saw that he was lying on the bed, cold and distressed, with just two thin sheets to cover him.

Clwyd is the MP for Cynon Valley and she stated that her husband just died like a battery hen.

She stated, "He is 6ft 2ins, he was squashed up against the iron bars of the bed, an oxygen mask that didn't fit his face, his eye was infected and, because the air from the oxygen was blowing into it, his lips were very dry and I used my own Lypsil to try and moisten them. There were no nurses around."

She added that at about eight o'clock, just before he died, all the lights went on and someone was shouting that if someone wanted to have breakfast. She said that it was inappropriate when they knew somebody was dying in that ward.

Clwyd said that she was vocal about what happened because she did not want someone else to die the same way.

The hospital's executive director of nursing, Ruth Walker, said that she was offered to meet up with the hospital's administrative staff so that a formal investigation could be initiated.

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