Ann Clwyd question deserves to be returned to

David Cameron was asked on Wednesday by Labour MP Ann Clwyd that how is he planning to respond to the regular complaints pouring in about nurses who fail to care for patients.

Autumn Statement had temporarily overshadowed the moment but it still is something that needs to be discussed.

Owen Roberts died at a ward at the University Hospital of Wales allegedly due to almost no care shown by the hospital staff. He was Ann Clwyd's husband.

She said, "I used a dampened tissue to wipe his eye, which was infected. His lips were dry from a fan that had been left on a nearby bedside, but no one came to give him a drink. He was so cold under a thin cotton cover. A friend had asked if he could be moved from the ward into an empty room, but was told that it was being kept empty."

She added that she believes that her husband died because the hospital staff had decided that he would die and showed no concern. She said that he died of cold and due to people who didn't bother.

She had even asked the hospital staff that why her husband is not admitted to the intensive care and she was told that there were people who were worse than her husband. She stated that the staff was not responsive and was callous.

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