Super-rat in town

Home Counties are being plagued by a new type of `mutated super-rat'. With this the campaigners are demanding that use of stronger poisons should be allowed so that the rodent threat is removed.

Life-threatening disorders can be transmitted to farm animals and even humans by these super rodents and they have been reported in increased numbers at homes in Berkshire, Oxford and Hampshire and the problem is that they are resistant to normal poison.

Wildlife experts are not in favour of using stronger poisons as this can cause damage to local wildlife.

Ideal breeding conditions have been made by the flooding across various areas of Britain and this can increase the `super-rats'in number.

West Berkshire Council is urging use of rodenticides, flocoumafen and brodifacoum to be allowed by the Health and Safety Executive.

Graham Chappell, from Rapid Pest Control in Newbury, who is contracted by West Berkshire Council, said, "It's becoming more of an issue now simply because of the number of rats that are being seen. They've also mutated genetically and are bred to be immune to standard poisons."

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