Public needs easier way to raise concern about poor care

According to the union Unite, when it comes to the NHS, public needs an easier way out for raising concerns about poor care, for which the healthcare regulator has to make efforts.

According to a spokesman, engagement with the public has to be improved by the Care Quality Commission, which regulates hospitals, care homes and GP practices.

The union also stated that officials should also look at ways to raise the profile of the body.

Unite professional officer Ethel Rodrigues said, "We are keen that the CQC makes itself relevant, transparent and accountable to members of the public who may have concerns about the quality of services across the NHS. A couple of suggestions that the CQC may like to investigate is to establish a hotline for the public and to hold roadshows at hospitals and health centres."

A clean bill of health is something that St Helier Hospital and Queen Mary's Hospital for Children have got. CQC has also reportedly conducted an inspection.

It was seen during the inspection that patients got the respect and the care they deserved along with taking decisions about their care.

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