New regulations are to be introduced requiring compulsory microchipping of all dogs

In an announcement which has been welcomed by the ISPCA as well as the Dogs Trust, Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney has revealed that all dogs will have to be microchipped, under the new regulations which are going to be introduced in the future.

Noting that the plan of microchipping the dogs will essentially be aimed at protecting the welfare of the dogs, Coveney said that the likely introduction date of the new regulations is 2016; and added that similar regulations are also scheduled to become effective in England by the same year too.

Speaking in the Dail on Thursday, Coveney said that the cost of the process of microchipping the dogs will be less than _10. Furthermore, Coveney also said that the officials from the Ministry of Agriculture will be holding discussions with veterinary practitioners in an attempt to ensure that the microchipping process can be made as affordable as possible.

In reaction to Coveney's dog microchipping-related announcement, Mark Beazley - the Executive Director of Dogs Trust - said that the charity has long been campaigning for compulsory microchipping, which would help reunite the stray or missing dogs with their owners.

Noting that microchipping of dogs will help in identifying the dog owners and holding them into account whenever a dog troubles livestock or causes an accident, Beazley said that it is important that the introduction of the compulsory microchipping scheme should be combined with a centralised database.

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