Ofcom: Orange and T-Mobile are most complained-about networks in UK

In its latest report into the service providers in the UK, communications regulator Ofcom has revealed that the two most complained-about networks in the country are: Orange and T-Mobile.

According to the Ofcom report, Orange was the least popular network with the customers during the last three months of 2012; with its popularity apparently plunging chiefly due to its decision to withdraw its `free broadband' offer.

With Orange having witnessed an increase in the number of complaints per 1,000 customers since July-September last year, the Ofcom report pointed out that one of the other main reasons why Orange topped the `broadband complaints' list for the second quarter running was that the customers were being forced to pay line rental.

About the customers' grouse against T-Mobile, the Ofcom report said that most of the operator's customers were unhappy with its monthly mobile service because of billing-related problems, as well as the dissatisfaction with the manner in which it handles customers' complaints.

Meanwhile, noting that there has been "a continuing decline in the total volume of complaints," Claudio Pollack - Director of Ofcom's consumer group - said that the regulator is hopeful that the fall in volume of complaints will "incentivise providers to further improve their performance;" and added: 'We're committed to providing consumers with valuable information to help them choose a provider that best suits their needs."

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