Dublin water restrictions to remain in place until Tuesday

According to a recent statement by the Dublin City Council, the water restrictions which were enforced on Thursday - because of increased leakage and some problems at Roundwood reservoir causing shortage of treated water supply - will remain in place over the weekend; and will be reviewed on Tuesday.

Going by the information's shared by a spokesman of Dublin City Council, it is hoped that substantial amounts of water will be saved over the long bank-holiday weekend, given the fact that several residents of Dublin have gone away. In addition, water levels will likely witness a rise over the weekend due to the Good Friday closure of pubs and many other businesses.

Nonetheless, the water-supply restrictions, which will be applicable across the city from between 10pm every night and 7am the following morning - till Tuesday - will lead to lower water pressures, and probably even loss of water supply in some areas of the city.

About the problems leading to the enforcement of water-supply restrictions in Dublin, City engineer Michael Phillips said that the Roundwood water-treatment plant is witnessing a combination of cold snap and a "minor" problem.

Further adding that a "harmless seasonal algae" has passed from the Vantry river into the Roundwood plant, leading to the clogging of the filtration system, Phillips said: "We have had the coldest March in 50 years which has caused breakages in the water mains. When that happens demand goes up because people are still using their normal amounts but more water is being lost through leakages on the way."

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