Fifty per cent GPs at high risk of burnout

About fifty per cent of the GPs are affecting their mental health as they face a risk of burning out massively. The majority of these GPs state that they don't believe that they are influencing others' lives in a positive way at all. A survey stated this after questioning 1800 GPs.

The survey states that the risk of getting burnt out highly is faced by 43 per cent of the GPs. The chances of this are more among those who have partners and those working in deprived areas.

It was stated by 97 per cent of GPs that they don't feel that they had a positive impact of the lives of other people or were being seen as examples. Seeing this, a campaign Battling Burnout Campaign will be launched soon.

There was a massive rise in the workload of GPs due to the 2013-2014 contract with health secretary Jeremy Hunt announcing that he was planning changes to the GP contract to make the profession responsible for 24/7 patient care.

All the 1800 GPs who were surveyed face the risk of burnout in at least one area, measured using the validated Maslach Burnout Inventory tool. The tool was adapted for GPs.

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