Apple introduces long-anticipated iTunes Radio service

On Monday, at its 2013 WWDC event, Apple introduced its much-rumored iTune Radio service, which will be an Internet radio service that will personalize the users' music on the basis of what they have listened to and what they have purchased on iTunes.

The unveiling of the iTunes Radio service by Apple marks the company's long-anticipated foray into the streaming music service arena, which is presently dominated by Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and Google's last-month-released `All Access' on-demand subscription music service.

The iTunes iRadio unveiling comes at as time when the mentioned streaming services have become popular alternatives to buying online music; a field which was pioneered, and is still led, by Apple.

Apple's iTunes Radio service will, quite like Pandora, allow users to create stations based on specific songs, artists or genres. As a result, users can put in a particular song to prompt the station to play other songs like it. However, unlike Spotify and Google's All Access, users will not be able to type in the name of a specific song and have it play straightaway.

According to the details shared by Apple, iTunes Radio service - which will be free with advertisements included - will be built into the forthcoming iOS 7 version, which will be launched this fall. Moreover, the service will also be compatible with Apple's iTunes software on Mac and Windows computers.

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