Trainee surgeons’ mistake leads to woman’s death

A pregnant woman was operated upon by two trainee surgeons and weeks after the surgery, the woman died. Her husband has described a `litany of errors' under the NHS experience that left the man `revolted'.

The trainee surgeons were suppose to remove her appendix but they removed her ovary instead.

Fifty-three-year-old Adelino De Jesus stated that his wife's death could have been avoided but the step taken to sort out the problem that happened during the surgery took place too late.

The lady has been identified as Maria De Jesus, from Dagenham. She was full-term pregnant when she was admitted to Queen's Hospital at Romford in October, 2012. She passed away less than four weeks later she died.

It was heard by an inquest that the extracted tissue was not her appendix, whereas, it should have been her appendix, it was her ovary that was taken out on October 31 last year. It was on November 9 when the mistake was found out by doctors.

The lady was again admitted to the hospital after two days after the error was noticed.

Mr De Jesus, who plans to sue the hospital, said, "The procedure to remove the appendix when Maria was pregnant was not simple. We were told at the inquest that the surgeons had to `feel' for the organ. But they removed the wrong one. We feel that this was negligent."

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