Apple confirms its acquisition of Toronto-based Locationary startup

On Friday, tech giant Apple confirmed to news organizations that it had acquired Toronto-based big data startup - Locationary - which is the creator of Saturn data platform that can be used to collate as well as cross-reference data for business profiles.

According to Locationary, the company helps parsing and cleaning up of business data of enterprises, data providers, and mobile app developers. Hence, it is quite apparent that Apple can make use of the Locationary technology for improving and enhancing its own SDKs for apps, and giving a stronger push into its enterprise-centered services.

Seemingly, Locationary technology can help Apple provide its own, proprietary data for its own Maps app. Already, against the backdrop of the Apple Maps fiasco, Locationary CEO Grant Richie had mentioned in an opinion piece for TechCrunch last September that Apple can fix its Maps app if it makes a few significant changes to the way it aggregates data.

With the most apparent hint in Richie's opinion piece being that Apple should focus on and fix data aggregation, Apple may use the Locationary technology to fix its Maps app, ensuring that the places detailed on maps have correct information.

However, Apple has neither disclosed the price of its Locationary acquisition nor has it made any official statement about how it intends using the Locationary technology. About the acquisition, Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling merely told ATD: "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."

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