Apple confirms its developer site was hacked on July 18

In a recent note posted on its developer site, which has been placed under maintenance, tech giant Apple has confirmed that the site had been hacked on Thursday, July 18; apparently with the objective of stealing personal data, including "names, mailing addresses and/or email addresses" of developers.

According to an email sent out to the developers by Apple, a hacker had seemingly attempted to secure personal information from the company's developer website. Noting that "sensitive" personal information on the developer site is not easily accessible because it is encrypted, Apple said that information linked to customers of its products remained unaffected by the breach.

However, Apple also added alongside that it has not completely ruled out the possibility that the hacker may have accessed the personal data of some developers. But, the company has not divulged the exact number of developers who might have been affected by the attack.

Nonetheless, Apple had taken down the developer website as soon as it detected the breach on Thursday; and has, ever since, been working "around the clock" to fix it. The company said that, in response to the breach, it is "completely overhauling" its developer systems, as well as reconstructing its database and updating software.

Extending an apology for the "significant inconvenience" which the site's longer-than-usual downtime has caused to the developers, Apple said: "We expect to have the developer website up again soon."

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