Facebook releases update to its Android app; brings on Facebook Home feature

Popular social network is rolling out an updated version of its Android app, which will boast the addition of some of the best features - including Cover Feed -from Facebook Home which first came aboard the ill-fated HTC First handset.

The Home feature is coming to Facebook's Android app via the latest update, which will be rolled out gradually to users over the next few days. The feature will give Facebook users on Android devices the ability to set Cover Feed as their home screen.

The Facebook Home Cover Feed displays posts as well as photos from friends on the lock screen of Android devices; thereby allowing the users to swipe through updates, and also comment on them and `Like' them --- all without launching the Facebook app or even unlocking their handsets.

The Facebook Home feature on the updated Android app of the social network will essentially give the users a quick access to camera and messages. Despite the fact that Chat heads and the Home launcher will not be available as a feature of the updated Facebook Android app, users will still be able to `enable' chat heads from Facebook's stand-alone Messenger app.

Meanwhile, along with bringing the Home feature on board the updated Facebook Android app, the social network has also revealed that it will soon expand the availability of Facebook Home to some more Android-based devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Nexus 4.

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